Sailing from The Brickyard Marina to Angel Island: A Bay Area Jewel

Angel Island brims with adventure and allure, offering activities for every interest, ensuring your journey from The Brickyard Richmond Marina is unforgettable.

Nestled in the heart of the San Francisco Bay, Angel Island is a beacon to adventurers and sailors alike. As the Bay’s largest island, it offers stunning views and unique experiences, accessible only by private boat or ferry from The Brickyard Marina.

Embarking from Richmond’s The Brickyard Marina

Setting out from the Brickyard Marina in Point Richmond, sailors are greeted with the promise of adventure as they chart a course towards Angel Island. The Richmond marina, known for its welcoming community and top-notch facilities, serves as the perfect starting point for a Bay Area sailing adventure. The trip offers a splendid sailing experience, guided by the cool breeze and the gentle currents of the Bay.

Angel Island lies roughly four miles away and takes 45 to 90 minutes to sail from Brickyard Marina, depending on tide, wind speed, and direction.

Discovering Angel Island

Upon arrival at Ayala Cove, the island’s famously warm and safe harbor, sailors can moor their vessels and begin to explore the island’s riches. Angel Island’s mild, sunny climate makes it ideal for picnics, hiking, and historical exploration, free from the summer fog (named Karl) that often blankets the Bay Area.

Angel Island is a mosaic of historical and natural attractions. From the remnants of its military past, including a decommissioned Nike missile base and the historical immigration station, to its more serene offerings like easy trails and picnic spots, there’s no shortage of activities.

Angel Island Hiking Path with a View of the Bay Area

Image by sergejf

Activities on Angel Island

  • Kayaking in Ayala Cove: The protected waters of Ayala Cove make for excellent kayaking conditions. Whether you’re bringing your own kayak or renting one, paddling around the cove and along the island’s shoreline offers a unique perspective of Angel Island and its surrounding beauty. It’s an activity that combines physical exercise with serene moments of being close to the water.
  • Picnicking with a Bay Area View: Choose from numerous picnic spots with stunning views of San Francisco Bay, Tiburon Peninsula, and East Bay. Pack a lunch because the most popular picnic spots are near Ayala Cove, but there are plenty of quiet spots for those willing to explore.
  • Historical and Cultural Exhibits in Angel Island: The island’s history is displayed through various exhibits and restored buildings. The U.S. Immigration Station Museum offers insight into the lives of the immigrants who passed through Angel Island. The island’s military history is preserved in several installations, including Fort McDowell and the Missile Site.

Concluding your Bay Area Adventure to Angel Island 

The journey from our Richmond Marina to Angel Island is an escape from the ordinary. One that enriches one’s appreciation for the Bay Area’s natural and historical treasures. Sailing in the Bay Area, especially to destinations like Angel Island, offers adventure, tranquility, and awe-inspiring views.

For those moored at the Brickyard Marina, the voyage to Angel Island isn’t just a trip; it’s an adventurous bay journey with great views, consistent westerly winds in the summer that offers a passage through time, a dance with nature, and a chance to partake in the timeless allure of sailing in the Bay Area.

Insider Tips for Bay Area Sailors

  1. Plan Your Visit: While Ayala Cove offers protection, the San Fransisco Bay can be unpredictable. Before embarking from Richmond, check the wind and weather conditions on the Brickyard Marina website. 
  2. Early Arrival: Mooring spots in Ayala Cove are coveted. Arriving early ensures a spot to dock and more time to enjoy the island.
  3. Explore Beyond the Cove: Angel Island offers incredible biodiversity beyond the historical sites. Bird watchers and nature enthusiasts can find much to admire.
  4. Pack Accordingly: Bring water, food, and hiking gear to make the visit comfortable and enjoyable.

Please let us know if you have any favorite spots in San Francisco Bay where you like to sail!